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Dearest customers, family, friends.

I’ve been putting this post off as I simply didn’t know how to say this…

Mora is now closed for good. For both business and personal reasons it’s time to move on.

For nearly fifteen years it has been my greatest pleasure to work the stoves here in our little abode in Finnieston. I could never have imagined the trust, loyalty and love that we have been shown for all these years and both myself, my family and my wonderful staff thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts.

There is simply too much emotion inside to be able to stuff what I want to say into an Instagram post so I shall refrain from embarrassing myself.

I have had the good fortune to meet and befriend so many remarkable, beautiful and talented people within these walls and for that I shall be ever grateful. The hardest part is taking this away from everyone, it hurts more than I can say.

I’m going to keep this page going if I can, I’d like very much to keep in touch with all who have enjoyed spending time with us here.


Stopped off for a drink and we were so taken in by the atmosphere and friendly staff that we stayed for dinner and more drinks. The food is possibly the best we have had for a long time.


Short and sweet – Classic Negroni, Beef & Veal Pappardelle and Polenta Chips with Parmesan. Service is always amazing and the guys remember you which is a great touch! Couldn’t go to a nicer, more quality Italian in Glasgow as far as I’m concerned!


The quality of the food is excellent – better than most restaurants in London. The lobster ravioli and seafood linguine were both fantastic – I had the small portions for both which together made for a full meal with the benefit of variety.